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Charles Asare Bamfo is an experienced Facilitator,Participatory Adult Trainer, Development Planner and Organisation Development Consultant, Conflict Mediator and a Coach.

He holds Master of Science (MSc) Degree inDevelopment Planning and Management (1992), BSc in Development Planning (1987) and certificates in Methods and Techniques of Project Management(1994), Participatory Rural Appraisal and Methodologies (1994) and Diploma in Organisation Development 1997, and Conflict Mediation
(GTZ-Germany). 2001. Currently receiving professional training inGestalt Approach to Organisation and Systems Development (GIC Cleveland)

For a decade, he has been involved in building organisational capacity of key Ministries, Departments and Agencies, (MDA's), District Assemblies (Local Government Authorities) for Good Governance and Development Management, Project Planning and Organisation Development. He has undertaken Short-term assignments for some multi and bi-lateral Agencies such as the German Agency for Technical Co-operation (GTZ),The European Union (EU), DFID, UNICEF's Community Based Development Programme and Social and Community Mobilisation. In recent time he has served on a World Bank Mission as a Community Development Adviser.

He has designed, facilitated or moderated several dialogue meetings, workshops aimed at building and/or strengthening capacity of teams, Non-governmental and Civil Society Organisations (NGOs/CSOs), public and private sector organisations for effective governance, development management,sustainable project identification,planning,implementation, monitoring and evaluation.

As an OD Consultant he has also facilitated Organisation Assessments, Developed OD Interventions, such as Team Building, Retreats, Conflict Management, Vision Building, Strategic Planning and Management, and Supervision Techniques for key role players in selected District Assemblies, MDA's, NGOs and Research Scientist (International Institute for Tropical Agriculture (IITA) Benin. He has co-trained in OD in Nigeria, Ethiopia and Kenya.