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A wide range of experiential and participatory adult learning methodologies will be used in this programme. These will include games,group exercises, demonstrations, discussions, field visits, lectures,drawings and practical consulting in real organisations.

Session 1 focuses on building a supportive and challenging learning community in which the theoretical and conceptuaI foundations of organisation development and change management are explored in the
context of diversity and culture. It lays the foundations for faciIitating organisational change processes from a systems perspective, and the use of self as an instrument of change.

Session 2 develops competences for enhancing awareness at various levels of a system as the driving force in organisational assessment. Participants practice in multi-cultural teams to undertake organisational assessment in real organisations.

Session 3 develops skills and provides practice in the mobilisation of resources and energy for action in organisational change processes. Working in multicultural and multidisciplinary teams, participants learn
how to support organisations to make evidenced-based decisions on interventions that would foster enhanced effectiveness, and to support the design and implementation of those interventions.

Session 4 builds the capacity of participants to evaluate the
effectiveness of change processes and provides real-time practice in the evaluation of change interventions. It enables participants to practice how to bring closure to interventions in ways that enhance self-reflection and organisational learning.

Session 5 pulls all the learning together, enabling individual participants and functional groups in the programme to bring closure to their personal learning goals in an integrated manner. In addition it provides opportunities and structures for participants to continue internalising and integrating lessons and skills from the programme into their practice.

The programme offers a rich framework of concepts and practice for the development of multi-cultural and emotional competence. It is, therefore, suited to persons who work across cultures, with multi-cultural teams or diversity themes. Experience in process facilitation, organisational change processes, counselling and conflict transformation processes would be an advantage.