Organizational Development Practioner Formation Programme
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The OD Practitioner Formation Programme builds the competence and effectiveness of professionals to:

  • Use themselves (use of self) as an instrument of change in organisa- tional settings.
  • Recognise and embrace resistance and multiple realities, employing them as positive forces for managing change.
  • Manage diversity and minority opinions to generate creative energy towards commonly desired ends.
  • Facilitate meaningful multi-stakeholder dialogues within organisation and across levels of system.
  • Manage the contact boundary as a deliberate process of enhancing organisational effectiveness.
  • Appreciate different levels of system (individual, interpersonal,sub-group and organisational) and how to effectively engage at these levels.
  • Observe patterns of behaviour or transactions in organisations and to selectively share observations as meaningful interventions for change.
  • Recognise and manage conflict.
  • Recognise and handle emotions effectively in service of self and others in a system.
  • Work across multiple cultures in the organisational setting.
  • Situate issues in more relevant and broader contexts (social, political, economic, institutional) for sustainable change.