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The OD Practitioner Formation Programme is designed for leaders and managers of NGOs, public sector organisations and corporate bodies.

The Programme is especially suited to persons who engage in change processes and transformations in organisations, and those who lead social groups, including faith-based organisations, NGOs and business outfits. Experts, Consultants and Change Agents who want to enhance their competence in participative methodologies and qualitative approaches to their work will also find the programme very enriching, because of its strong leanings on humanistic concepts.

The programme offers a rich framework of concepts and practice for the development of multi-cultural and emotional competence. It is therefore, suited to persons who work across cultures, with multi-cultural teams or diversity themes. Experience in process facilitation, organisational change processes, counselling and conflict transformation processes would be an advantage.

Multi-Cultural and Multi-Disciplinary Learning Community
Programme participants are carefully selected to ensure a wide mix of cultures, professional orientations, and gender balance. This is to reflect the realities of multiculturalism, professional mix and gender orientations in organisational teams and work groups in our world today.

Particular attention is paid to the inclusion of formally educated traditional leaders, business executives, leaders of NGOs and faith-based organisations, consultants, academics, public servants in work teams of 7 during the Programme. This is to ensure that the learning community ' models closely and offers the diverse challenges and resources of the '' actual societies in which practitioners function.