Advanced Leadership Workshop: Assessing and Growing Your Effectiveness as a Leader

This 2-day flagship workshop supports you to draw your unique map of where you are in your present leadership competence, identify where your leadership potential is, and helps you plot your developmental journey along the path of your leadership potentials. You will discover clearly what is possible for you to achieve, and how you can continue to build on your current skills and competencies as you continually replace them with new ones.


It brings to practical work life the Gestalt paradoxical theory of change:change happens when we explore who and what we are, and not what we want to be”.


This workshop is exclusively for Executives and Leaders in Corporate, Public and Civil Society organizations who desire to enhance their ability to use themselves as instruments of change and effective leadership.


The format is a series of structured exercises, done individually and processed and refined in pairs and/or trios and/or quartets. Each exercise becomes a location on your map, clarifying where you are, showing your direction and path towards more developed competence, and indicating some of the hindrances along your way. The format will also offer an opportunity to work on real-life cases you have grappled with recently or are currently perplexed by, so that the map can come to life as you add your insights.


This is a highly interactive and dynamic workshop, where the more you give, the more you get. Existing work-partners and teams can find it helpful in supporting their mutual development and teamwork.

change happens when we explore who and what we are, and not what we want to be

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Raise leaders who embrace multiple realities, differences, minority perceptions, give value to what is not routine and bring into their leadership the concept of wholism, where every part and segment of society is enabled to grow and become their best.

Rev. John Nkum
Executive Director, OD Centre-Ghana

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