Advanced Skills Workshop: Managing Sustainable Change

This workshop provides practical, hands-on approaches for successfully managing change – planned, organic, and traumatic change as well as emergent change – in ways that ensure lasting and sustainable improvements in organisations and larger social systems.  It highlights why most change processes to do succeed or last for long, and offers insights into the emotional, intellectual, physical and structural forces that resist and support change with the intent of offering a framework for understanding, as well as tools for engaging with the various types of disruptions that change generates.


This workshop is for Executives and Leaders in Corporate, Public and Civil Society organizations who desire to enhance their ability to use themselves as instruments of change and effective leadership. It is for consultants, leaders and change management professionals who desire to update their skills and toolbox and use themselves in more creative and effective ways to improve organisation and system effectiveness.

provides practical, hands-on approaches for successfully managing change

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Rev. John Nkum
Executive Director, OD Centre-Ghana

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